Adrienne Estacado
Adrienne Estacado
Vital statistics
Occupation Thief (Retired)
Alias Grandma
Race Human (Darkness Enhanced)
Gender Female
Status Alive
Relatives Roberto Estacado (husband)
Danny Estacado (son)
Jackie Estacado (grandson)
Capris Castiglione (granddaughter)
Hope Pezzini (great-granddaughter)
Location Unknown
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Adrienne Estacado is the wife of Roberto Estacado. They had fun with the Darkness power Roberto had, they even robbed banks together. While she was pregnant with Danny she was shot by cops, but the Darkness kept her alive to save the baby, after Danny was born, a little bit of the Darkness was left behind.

Years later, after her grandson Jackie Estacado became the host of the Darkness, she put a hit on him. Once a year is a day when Jackie's death would mean that she gets the whole Darkness power. She failed the first attempt, but promised to be back next year to try again.

Early Life Edit

Adrienne was a thief who robbed banks to get by. She met and fell in love with Roberto Estacado.

Personality Edit

In her youth, Adrienne was a petty thief who stole from others and robbed banks to get by. She fell in love with Roberto and was so smitten with him that she did not consider the consequences when she and Robert made love and she became pregnant.

As an elder, she has become obsessed with possessing the Darkness, the power that saved her life. Her lust for power is such that she resorts to kidnapping and killing her own kin to achieve power.

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Immortality: Since she has part of the Darkness in her, she's unable to die, even from a gunshot to the head.
  • Accelerated Healing: Wounds she suffers heal in seconds without causing her any seeming discomfort.
  • Darkness Immunity: The Darkness will not harm Adrienne.