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Vital statistics
Alias Seraphim
Status Extant
Relatives God (Creator)
Location Heaven
First Appearance Universe

An Angel is a winged warrior created by God. Throughout history, angels have acted as agents of fate; guardians of those deemed worthy by God and destroyers of those He deemed wicked. While immortal and powerful, angels are neither infallible nor omniscient; they can be deceived.

Within Heaven's monarchy, there are believed to be several ranks of angel; among the higher echelon being the seraphim and the archangels. Lucifer, also called the Devil or Satan, is believed to be either a seraph or an archangel. Michael and Gabriel are also named as archangels.



Two twin male angels were seen watching Tom Judge while he talked to Nick. They were later seen by Tilly Grimes and then by her friends while in their way to a picnic. While at the picnic a hole host of warrior angels descend and slaughtered both the demon hoards and the battalion of human soldiers, both of whom were sent to retrieve the Rapture. The angels then departed without a word.


Nick describes angels as cynical. Tilly once called them fascists due to their militarism. Angels do seem to view themselves as superior to humans.

Types of AngelsEdit


Chief angels of high rank. They are often described as the highest of the celestial hierarchy.


The common angel.


Main article: Legion of Cherub Hostile

A low-ranking angel that resembles a mature infant with wings. They require a human host.

Fallen AngelsEdit

Angels of any of the three ranks who have been cast out of grace either through rebellion, being betrayed, or they simply left Heaven's service.

Physical CharacteristicsEdit

Angels are very humanoid in appearance. Angels do have large feathered wings, though they do not need them to fly, and they can de-manifest them at will in order to appear human.

Cherubim look like mature human infants with wings and glowing, golden eyes.

The Fallen Angel Ragniel was shown to have glowing red eyes, white hair, and dark skin.