Vital statistics
Occupation Goddess of Cats
Race Gods
Gender Female
Status Alive
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Bastet is the Egyptian goddess of cats.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

As the divine and immortal goddess of cats, Bastet possessed many divine powers. It is worth noting that, when using her offensive powers, her nails grew into claws and her eyes changed to resemble those of cats.

  • Immortality - Bastet is over 3,000 years old.
  • Superhuman Strength - She was physically strong enough to fight the Witchblade.
  • Hypnosis - She hypnotized a club bouncer into doing her will with her gaze.
  • Teleportation - She could teleport from heaven to earth and back again.
  • Self-Duplication - She could create copies of herself to confuse her opponents.
  • Pyrokinesis - She could create fire.
  • Elemental Transmutation - She could turn living flesh into stone and back again.
  • Weapon Creation - She could summon floating magic blades out of thin air.
  • Telekinesis - She telekinetically lifted a large chuck of stone into the sky with but a word.
  • Healing - She could use her own essence to heal even fatal wounds.
  • Flight - Bastet could fly high through the air. She could transfer her flight ability to others, so long as they were in physical contact with her.


  • Cat Magic - Being the goddess of cats, Bastet is vulnerable to magic that specifically affects cats. She was able to have her soul trapped in a canopic jar after it was imbued with an evil spell to trap feline souls.