Vital statistics
Occupation Wealthy Heir
Crime Fighter
Alias Bruce Wayne
Dark Knight
Caped Crusader
Race Human
Gender Male
Status Alive
Relatives Thomas Wayne (Father)
Martha Wayne (Mother)
Location Gotham City
First Appearance The Darkness vs. Batman #1

Batman is ranked as the worlds greatest detective. Born as Bruce Wayne to Dr. Thomas and Martha Wayne, Bruce was raised in a privileged class. Thomas was an accomplished surgeon while Martha was a socialite. Thomas and Martha founded Wayne Enterprises together to better the social conditions of Gotham City, a city notorious for its open class conflict, organized crime, and corruption in the police.

When he was young, Thomas and Martha were gunned down by a mugger in front of him, an experience that forever scarred the young Bruce. He vowed an oath at their graves that he would avenge their death by ridding Gotham of all crime. He trained to the peak of human physical ability and became skilled in every discipline from martial arts to criminal psychology and investigation. Taking on the mantle of Batman, Bruce has dedicated his life to the pursuit of justice.

Personality Edit

Bruce Wayne Edit

In public, Bruce is charming, charismatic and flamboyant. He tends to maintain a "spoiled rich kid" facade to appease his audience. However, in private or when speaking frankly to someone, some of his true demeanor shows through and, because of his keen intuition into human psychology, particularly those of a criminal or the mentally and emotionally unsound, what he says can be rather intimidating and can earn him the animosity of many.

Batman Edit

As Batman, Bruce's true personality is shown. He is dark, brooding, intimidating, iron-willed and determined. The death of his parents traumatized the young Bruce and left him with an obsessive desire to stop crime and seek justice against criminals. His obsession with avenging his parent's murder has consumed his life to the point where he is somewhat of a recluse. Despite this darkness, Bruce has the capacity to see good even in someone like Jackie Estacado, and set them on a path of redemption.

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Peak Human Physicality: Bruce is not superhuman. However, his physical faculties are at the peak of human performance.