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Vital statistics
Occupation Harbinger of the Apocalypse
Alias Pale Horseman
Race Demon
Gender Male
Status Incapacitated
Relatives Unknown
Location Mexico
First Appearance The Darkness: Four Horseman #1

Death is one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

According to Pestilence, Death's true power is such that, if he were to be restored to his true form, he would merely need to breathe to cause whole crop fields to wither away.

  • Killing Touch: Death can cause someone's eventual death just by touching them. Anyone that he touches is soon to die. The causes of deaths can be being struck by lightning, hit by a truck, or devoured by a dog.
  • Immortality: Death freezes his vessel's aging.
  • Possession: As a disembodied spirit, Death needs a vessel to exist on Earth.
  • Accelerated Healing: Death heals his vessel's wounds in seconds without any seeming discomfort.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Horseman Talisman: The talisman possessed by the guardian of the Horsemen can summon, paralyze, transfer, and bind him.