Collect and torment human souls





Demons are the denizens of Hell and tormentors of human souls. Demons need human souls to subvert their own torment in hell and grow stronger. As such, demons are generally malevolent towards humans and often manipulate and corrupt them into doing their will and making Faustian deals in order to collect their souls.

Early HistoryEdit

Demons came into existence roughly a few millennia before humans "split from the monkeys." Their creator, if any, is unknown. Nick, the king of hell at that time, explains that none of the demons remember going to hell, they simply came to awareness there and have called it their home ever since. Over the course of their existence, they came to realize that the universe was created for beings such as them, and that humans falling into hell in death was simply a part of the evolutionary cycle.

A demon (Nick) capitalized on this knowledge and began collecting human souls to such an extent that he became the strongest of all demons at that time and became the king of hell.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Demons possess an array of supernatural abilities. Demons are divided into a strict hierarchy based on their level of power, with lower demons with little-to-no power being ruled over by higher demons with powers comparable to those of a god. Some of the higher demons are of such power that they have been worshiped.

  • Immortality - Demons don't age and have existed for over ten thousand years.
  • Superhuman Strength - Most demons are far stronger than humans and generally overpower them in a physical confrontation unless the human is supernaturally empowered with similarly increased strength. Higher demons are stronger than lower demons and can prove a match for such forces as the Witchblade and the Darkness.
  • Flight - Generally, demons with wings have the power to fly, although demons can use magic to fly or levitate.
  • Heightened Senses - Demons have sharp senses and can smell humans. Higher demons can smell the blood of Christ in the Magdalenas.
  • Illusion Casting - Demons can cast illusions to appear human. Even lower demons can cast elaborate illusions of a human's greatest desire to lure them in.
  • Possession - Demons can take over a human's body and corrupt their minds to their will or even take control of them completely.
  • Soul Consumption - Demons consume the souls of deceased humans to grow stronger. Higher demons can rip the souls from the bodies of living humans, provided the humans have willingly offered their souls to the demon.
  • Accelerated Healing - Demons heal quickly and completely from most bodily injuries, even those that would cripple a human. Middle and higher demons can heal and animate their bodies even if dismembered. They are unaffected by earthly diseases.
  • Fire Breathing - Some demons have been seen to breathe fire.


Demons seem to follow a hierarchy based on their age; elder demons are higher in Hell's hierarchy than younger demons. Elder demons' powers are so vast that many underground cult members of the Catholic Church who sought into other realms of existence thought that the demons they encountered were living gods.

An adult demon seems to be of moderate power and can be defeated by well-trained Demon Hunters such as The Magdalena. However it is worth noting that the abilities of demons, even ones of equal age, are greatly varied. The factors that affect this could range anywhere from a demon's gender, its level of power obtained by other means, its family, or what circle of Hell it comes from. Demons of the lower circles seem to be weaker than demons of the higher circles. There have been lesser demons who seem to have been bred into families who share similar characteristics unique to their families. This is further attributed by the fact that many lesser demons call each other "brother" or "sister" when referring to each other.

Demonic PossessionEdit


A demon takes possession of Jake McCarthy.

It is possible to summon demons from Hell and into the Earthly plane of existence by offering them human vessels. An occult ritual utilizing a pentagram is usually used to perform such a possession. Sacrificing a human to a particular demon has been seen to allow said demon to take possession of the host's body.


  • The Spear of Destiny - Weaker demons can be slain by the power of the Spear of Destiny.
  • Blood of Christ - The blood of The Magdalena, the blood of Jesus, is like acid to demons and can kill them.
  • The Thirteen Artifacts - The power of any of the Thirteen Artifacts can easily kill demons. 
  • Holy Water - Holy water is acidic to demons while they are within a human vessel.