Vital statistics
Occupation Voivode of Transylvania (Formerly)
Alias Vlad Tepes III
Vlad the Impaler
Race Vampire
Gender Male
Status Undead
Relatives Vlad II (Father)
Eva (Daughter)
Location Earth
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Count Dracula is the Lord of the Undead as well as the subsequent sovereign of the vampire bloodline following Cain and Lilith. Born in the winter of circa. 1431 A.D.E into the noble Hungarian bloodline of House Draculesti, a branch of the House of Basarab, Vlad III was the son of Vlad II Dracul and an unknown woman. Vlad III rose to both fame and infamy as "the Impaler" for impaling the invading forces of Muslim Turks on tall wooden spikes. Following his alleged murder, Vlad embraced darkness and rose from death as a vampire under unrevealed circumstances.


  • Vampire Physiology:
    • Immortality:
      • Accelerated Healing:
    • Super Strength:
    • Wings:
      • Flight:

Weaknesses Edit

  • Sunlight:
    • Fire:
  • Wooden Stakes:
  • Crucifixes:
  • Holy Water: