Vital statistics
Alias Blowup Doll
Bride of Frankenstein
Race Humanoid Darkling
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Relatives Jackie Estacado (creator & lover)
Darkness Creature (son)
Location Sierra Munoz (Originally)
New York
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Elle was the "woman" that Jackie Estacado and Dr. Kirchner created from the Darkness. Jackie created her as a companion to satisfy his carvings, though Kirchner had other plans for her, intending to use her to birth a purer vessel for the Darkness that he could control and would allow him to dominate the world.


Early LifeEdit

She was created by Jackie with guidance from Professor Kirchner. They allowed Darkness-borne material to seep into their bodies and take on the likeness of each cell, crating a female Darkling nearly indistinguishable from a human woman.


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Elle copulates with Jackie as part of a plan by Kirchner to create the perfect Darkness host.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Elle's initial appearance was attractive and young, with shoulder-length blonde hair, alien green eyes, thin but muscular body, and naturally grey lips.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Elle possesses the standard abilities of a Darkling. However, she is noticeably more powerful than lowly Darklings, possibly because of her human (or human-like) physiology.

  • Darkness Armor - Elle could manifest a lesser form of Darkness armor that offered minimal protection.
  • Darkness Tentacles - Elle could summon Darkness tentacles from her body armor. These appendages were strong enough to throw grown men through the air with high speed and force, eviscerate her opponents,
  • Healing Factor - Elle recovered within seconds from mid-caliber bullet wounds. After giving "birth" to the Darkness Creature, which caused her rib cage and intestines to rip open, she recovered in a matter of months.