Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider
Vital statistics
Occupation Vigilante
Hell's Bounty Hunter
Paranormal Mercenary
Alias Spirit of Vengeance
The Rider
Race Human (Demonically Possessed)
Gender Male
Status Alive
Relatives Unknown
Location Earth
First Appearance Cyblade / Ghost Rider

The Ghost Rider is a human possessed by a Spirit of Vengeance; a powerful and bestial fire demon created to hunt the souls of the sinful and drag them to Hell with Hellfire.

Strengths Edit

  • Demonic Possession:
    • Immortality:
      • Accelerated Healing:
        • Super Durability:
    • Super Strength: Being a Spirit of Vengeance created specifically to hunt other creatures of the Underworld, the Ghost Rider possesses overwhelming strength in relation to many other demons; sufficient to overpower most common-level demons as well as brutally overpower and kill even the most untouchable of humans easily. In terms of raw lifting power, the Ghost Rider can bench-press a twenty-five ton firetruck with maximum exertion.
    • Super Reflexes:
      • Preternatural Precision:
    • Hellfire Ignition: As a demon of fire, the Spirit of Vengeance endows the Ghost Rider with the power to both ignite and influence Hellfire, the very fire of Hell itself which burns the soul of the victim rather than the flesh. Hellfire will also burn any other substance just like natural fire, although it will not burn either the clothes of the Rider, nor will it burn anything or anyone the Rider doesn't want harmed, although his touch is still noticeably hot. At maximum strength, Hellfire reaches up to six-hundred and sixty-six degrees Celsius.
      • Flame Immunity: In addition to being innately immune to Hellfire, the Ghost Rider is similarly impervious to Earthly flames and extreme heat.
      • Flame Influence: The Ghost Rider can influence Earthly flames to a limited degree; able to fan or extinguish them at will. Any flames present will also 'bow' or magnetize towards the Rider when he enters a room. He can also absorb fire into his body to replenish or enhance his Hellfire.
      • Hellfire Enhancement: The Ghost Rider can infuse or 'ride' any vehicle or weapon with Hellfire. This wreathes the object in Hellfire and infuses them with the same properties of Hellfire, being able to burn objects and the soul of their victims. The Rider can also control these objects through sheer force of will.
    • Penance Stare: The Rider's greatest weapon is the Penance Stare; to peer into the soul of a sinner through their eyes and make them instantaneously live through all the pain and suffering they've enacted or caused to others all at once and to feel the full force of remorse. For most, this leaves them psychologically scarred to the point of insanity or catatonia. Only those few of exceptional willpower and inner strength can tolerate the Penance Stare's affects, and those without a soul are unaffected completely.
      • Soul Consumption: For those particularly depraved souls, the Stare may kill them; incinerating their bodies in Hellfire and condemning their souls straight to Hell as the Rider devours them through their mouths.
      • Sin Sensing: The Rider can 'smell' the sins of a person's soul merely by being in their presence. The more rancid a person's soul, the more deserving of damnation they are and the more the Rider is compelled to perform the Stare upon them. Similarly, the Rider can track the 'scent' of a sinner's soul like a bloodhound, even across long distances and over prolonged periods of time.

Paraphernalia Edit

  • Hellfire Chain:
  • Hellcycle:

Weaknesses Edit

  • Supreme Sorcery: