Heart of Darkness
Heart of Darkness
Vital statistics
Race Human (Darkness Host)
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Relatives The Darkness
Location Darkness Realm
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The Heart of Darkness was once a host of the Darkness, however, his countless millennia within the core of the Darkness Realm caused him to mutate into a grotesque creature.

Physical AppearanceEdit

The Heart was once a common Darkness host. However, his time in the Darkness Realm have caused him to morph and mutate into a grotesque, hairless, infantile creature, with glowing solid green eyes, brown crooked teeth, a slightly inflated body, and brown nails.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

The Heart possessed the common powers of a Darkness host, though to a much higher degree due to his vastly superior experience with the power.

  • Immortality - The Heart was the oldest Darkness host ever seen, older than even Aram.
  • Superhuman Strength - The Heart was powerful enough to pin an empowered Jackie to the ground.