Vitruvian Man
Vital statistics
Occupation Dominant Species
Alias Mortal
Homo Sapien
Race Human
Gender Male
Status Alive
Relatives God (Creator)
Location Earth
First Appearance Not Applicable

Humans are the dominant species of the planet Earth within the Top Cow universe. Possessing virtually no supernatural potential and with most of them ignorant of the paranormal, humans live a relatively controlled existence with only their own political and personal tribulations to cope with and overcome. Humans were created by God and were conceived as his most favored creation upon the Earth. However, with the fall of man within the Garden of Eden, God seemingly turned his gaze from mankind and they were left to work and war for their share of power and prosperity and suffer hardship alone.

Biography Edit

Genesis Edit

Eden Edit

Cain & Abel Edit

Characteristics Edit

Society Edit

Powers & Abilities Edit

Weaknesses & Vulnerabilities Edit

Weaknesses Edit

  • Vice: Humans are driven, in one form or another and to varying degrees, by selfish and iniquitous impulses and predispositions that serve only to divide them and lead them down destructive and overindulgent paths in life. These manifest as sloth, greed, envy, gluttony, lust, wrath, and pride; known within the religion of Christianity as the Seven Deadly Sins and the source of all mankind's woes - perpetuated by Satan and his demons out of spite for God and the desire for human souls to burn for eternity in Hell with him. Most humans take a more practical and pragmatic approach to vices.
    • Pride: Pride is believed to be the most degenerating and most potent of the Seven Deadly Sins. Pride is the cornerstone of human ego; without which there would be no self-esteem, morals, or sense of purpose. However, pride also sets humans above and beneath one another respectively; resulting in cruel judgement and callous apathy that ultimately serves only to divide and subsequently weaken the people as a whole as it makes them susceptible to manipulation by demagogues as well as leaves them vulnerable to conquest by stronger entities who are intelligent enough to play upon their fears and misguided sentiments.
    • Sloth:
    • Gluttony:
    • Greed:
    • Envy:
    • Lust: Lust is the excessive desires of the flesh; of sex and of bodily pleasure and orgasm. Lust is most common among those with either little access to sexual satisfaction - such as social outcasts, the castrated, the elderly, the crippled or the sexually unattractive - or to those with excessive access to sexual gratification - such as the sexually attractive, the decadent or the rich - as such, the sin of lust is similar to greed in that it is closely related to status. Lust is highly profitable to pornographic companies; allowing them to make a profit from indirectly exploiting the lust of consumers.
    • Wrath:

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