Jackie Estacado
Jackie Estacado Game
Vital statistics
Occupation Hitman
Race Human (Darkness Host)
Gender Male
Status Alive
Relatives Roberto Estacado (grandfather)
Location New York
First Appearance The Darkness (Game)

Jackie Estacado is a Mafia hitman who was both blessed and cursed on the night of his twenty first birthday when he became the host of The Darkness.

He was adopted by Paulie Franchetti from his orphanage at a very young age. He became Paulie's top hitman.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Jackie wields the powers of The Darkness, an elemental force that allows him access to an otherworldly dimension and control over the Demons who dwell there.

Jackie possesses a wide array of abilities that he has only yet to discover. He can use The Darkness to create anything he wants while in the shadows. He has been seen to create functioning weapons such as a gun and even a rocket launcher from The Darkness. Jackie does not possess much experience with The Darkness, though it is shown that he does have the power to create sentient beings from The Darkness. Ranging from the Demons that he controls to even Human beings. Jackie also can control these sentient beings to his will and can even kill them with a simple thought if he wished.

His most prominent physical ability is the invulnerable mystical armor that envelopes him when he uses his powers. This armor also increases Jackie's strength and endurance to superhuman performance. The armor itself possesses unique characteristics that can make it a potent weapon; it possesses spikes, blades, claws, and tentacles that Jackie can telepathically manipulate.

The Darkness has the power to heal Jackie of any wound that is inflicted on him and even bring him back from death. When Jackie shot himself in the head and also when he blew himself up with gas tanks, The Darkness fully repaired his body both times.