Unnamed Demon
Vital statistics
Occupation God (Aspirant)
Rogue (Possibly)
Alias Jake McCarthy (Possessed)
Race Demon
Gender Male
Status Alive (Exorcised)
Relatives Unknown
Location Hell
New York City (Temporarily)
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An Unnamed Demon took possession of Detective Jake McCarthy's body after he was rendered comatose by a reawakened Witchblade. The demon - possibly a rogue among his own kind - presented himself as a dark God; intent on remaking the world in his image as a kingdom for him to rule.

Sara battled the demon with the Witchblade for as long as she could, doing everything in her power to keep from killing her friend. Eventually, she used the Witchblade's magics to exorcise his influence from Jake's body, however he committed suicide to prevent him from returning.

Background Edit

The demon's background was never elaborated upon during his appearance. From what can be assumed of his past, he was a common demon of moderate rank who was able to procure enough souls to significantly expand his power to such a degree that he eventually developed a god complex.

At some point, he directed his attentions towards the living world. Instead of ascending the ranks of Hell, he sought to rule Earth as the new God. Whether this was a conscious choice or whether he defected from Hell or was exiled and sought refuge in the mortal world is unclear.



The demon begins emerging from Jake's body.

This demon is clearly of a common level of power within Hell's hierarchy, if not noticeably above as he claimed he could remake the world into his kingdom. Like most demons, he was just weak enough that he could take possession of vulnerable psyches, as he did with Jake McCarthy. The precise extent of this being's power remains unseen. Judging by his boasts, as well as the raw power he exhibited, this demon clearly possesses more potential than was shown, possibly seeming like that of a god - as he was not at his full strength during his battle with Sara.

  • Supernatural Strength: Like all demons, this creature possesses paranormal levels of strength. Being a common demon of unusual power, he is considerably stronger than many of his kinsman as he can challenge Sara; although he is still no lord, as he was eventually overpowered by the Witchblade's magics. During his encounter with Sara, he punched her in the gut so powerfully that - even while armored by the Witchblade, albeit not at its full power as much of her body was still exposed - she had to keep herself from vomiting. He seemed to only grow stronger until he was exorcised.
  • Vision Bestowal: The demon exhibited the ability to project his image of the future into the mind of Sara through physical contact; showing her, in detail, his kingdom. Whether this vision was due to a premonition he had or was merely his visualization of his own future as a god was left unclear. This seemed to be a passive ability, as he did not exhibit any other power beyond this. It is also very possible that this ability is merely an extension of illusion powers; able to project fabricated images into the minds of others to traumatize or render them weak to his power.

Vulnerabilities Edit

Demon's Weakness

Sara exorcises the demon.

Despite his overwhelming strength, the demon was still bound to the limitations of his human vessel at the time he emerged into the human world. As such, he could only wield a limited amount of his power. Moreover, he was vulnerable to the exorcising properties of the Witchblade. It was never shown if he was fully exorcised from Jake's body, or if the Witchblade's power only subdued his presence for the time being. In either event, the possibility of his return was too much a risk for Jake, as he chose to kill himself to prevent him from repossessing him.