Kenneth Irons
Kenneth Irons
Vital statistics
Occupation Businessman
Alias Ken
Race Human
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Relatives Gerard Irons (son)
Location New York City, New York
First Appearance Witchblade #1

Kenneth Irons was an international businessman and criminal mastermind who was the person behind many of the evil deeds in the Top Cow universe.


He was the head of Irons International, business man of the year of the Fortune magazine, and one of the ten richest men of the world, but that was not the focus of his life. Nor was his focus the way he made that money: drug trafficking, prostitution, slavery, and the arms industry. Kenneth's true passion, his one obsession, his very reason for living, was The Witchblade.

Early lifeEdit

Irons was born in the mid-to-late 1100ds during the reign of King Richard I and served as a leader of the Templar Knights in the Third Crusade. He and his son Gerard Irons, along with a group of other Knights made their way into a holy place were they found and drank from the Holy Grail, making them virtually immortal.

Witchblade seriesEdit

This all began in the late 19th century when, while on an archaeological dig in Greece, Kenneth Irons discovered The Witchblade gauntlet. Curiosity about the mystical artifact soon led to a quest for knowledge, which would later become a true obsession with the Witchblade, and controlling the power it holds. Kenneth Irons has researched every bearer of The Witchblade, read every ancient tome that might refer to its capabilities, and attempted to find that one person whom it would accept, and reveal its secrets to. He even attempted to make her lover, Dannette Boucher the wielder, with magic runes, but it failed.

Since Sara Pezzini has been revealed to be that person, Irons has turned his obsession onto her. His dreams to control the bearer of The Witchblade have not yet come true, but with all the money and power behind him, Kenneth Irons is confident that victory will soon be in his grasp. For him it is not a matter of if; but just a question of when. His ambition came to an end though at the end of Witchblade #75 where he was shot by Sara's captain after being turned mortal by Ian Nottingham and his Excalibur. Kenneth Irons was the second to be killed in the Dead Pool.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Longevity - Having drunk from the Holy Grail, Irons was granted virtual immortality.
  • Magical Energy Absorption - The mystical glyph-brand on Iron's right hand and arm allowed him to absorb the energy of The Witchblade.
  • Enhanced Durability - Irons was more resistant to injury and pain than a human.
  • Magic - Irons had knowledge of magical spells and rituals. This knowledge allowed him to use teleportation and telekinesis.