Vital statistics
Occupation Outlaw
Alias None Known
Race Human (Demonically Possessed; Formerly)
Gender Male
Status Presumably Deceased
Relatives None Known
Location Unknown
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Klem was a Western outlaw and petty criminal in Texas in c.1800.

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Powers & Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

  • Demonic Possession (Formerly) :Although he maintained his human personality, Klem was possessed by a demon, most likely a lesser demon of weak strength. He did not display any significant power while possessed beyond a presumably low degree of super strength. He lost his strength, and any other ability, once the demon left his body.
  • Super Strength: The demon afforded Klem strength beyond that of any man, able to send grown men across a room with enough force to knock them unconscious single-handedly; but he was no match for a Darkness-empowered Ramon. Klem undoubtedly used his strength to intimidate mortals and get out of hassles with the law through brute force.