Cherub Hostile
Cherub Hostile
Vital statistics
Alias Dark Hordes of Cherub Hostile
Status Extinct
Relatives Angels (Siblings)
Location Earth
First Appearance The Darkness Vol 1 #34

The Legion of Cherub Hostile were a legion of cherubim, low-level angels, who had dedicated themselves making Earth into Eden, as it was meant to be, by returning every human soul to Purgatory. They needed a human vessel who would bring them to our world, and who would stand by while they searched for a weapon. The host turned out to be Conquistador, in search of Fountain of Youth.[1] The Cherub Hostile were technically supposed to serve the Conquistador, but they steered him on a path that they themselves wanted.[2]

Under the tutelage of Robert Bearclaw, Jackie Estacado was able to summon an army of Darklings from the Darkness to annihilate the Legion and their host.[3]

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Immortality: The Legion were many thousands of years old and could have existed eternally had they not been slain.
  • Flight: Their wings allowed them flight.
  • Power Granting: They made their host immortal.