Cherub Hostile
Cherub Hostile
Vital statistics
Occupation Cherub Hostile
Alias Dark Hordes of Cherub Hostile
Race Angels
Gender Male
Status Extinct
Relatives Angels (Siblings)
Location Earth
First Appearance The Darkness Vol 1 #34

The Legion of Cherub Hostile were a legion of cherubim, low-level angels, who had dedicated themselves making Earth into Eden, as it was meant to be, by returning every human soul to Purgatory. They needed a human vessel who would bring them to our world, and who would stand by while they searched for a weapon. The host turned out to be Conquistador, in search of Fountain of Youth.[1] The Cherub Hostile were technically supposed to serve the Conquistador, but they steered him on a path that they themselves wanted.[2]

Under the tutelage of Robert Bearclaw, Jackie Estacado was able to summon an army of Darklings from the Darkness to annihilate the Legion and their host.[3]

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Immortality: The Legion were many thousands of years old and could have existed eternally had they not been slain.
  • Flight: Their wings allowed them flight.
  • Power Granting: They made their host immortal.


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