Michaelangelo Estacado
Michaelangelo Estacado
Vital statistics
Occupation Gypsy
Alias Devil
Dark-Eyed Gypsy Boy
Prince of Darkness
Prince of Hell
Race Human
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Relatives Estacado Family (Bloodline)
Location Spain
First Appearance Tales of the Darkness

Michaelangelo Estacado was a past Darkness wielder and one of Jackie Estacado's ancestors. He was born during the early years of the Spanish Inquisition and lost his mother to the cruel machinations of the Roman Catholics of the time.

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The Darkness Edit

Michaelangelo possessed the standard powers of the Darkness.

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  • Immortality: Michaelangelo possessed potentially eternal lifespan.
    • Accelerated Regeneration: His health and vitality were immediately restored and empowered by the Darkness when his powers manifested.
Darkness Armor Edit
  • Invulnerability: The swords and weapons of the Spanish Inquisitors bounced off and shattered against his armored hide.
  • Super Strength: While empowered by the Darkness armor, Michaelangelo possessed dramatically increased physical strength sufficient to rip even physically strong and imposing grown men apart single-handedly.

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  • Skilled Hand-to-hand Combatant:
  • Skilled Swordsman:

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The Darkness Edit

  • Copulation: Sexual intercourse is a weakness for all Darkness wielders as the conception of a child results in almost instantaneous and painful death as a new child is conceived.
    • Libido: All Darkness wielders are highly libidinous and sexually driven; unable to control their sexual urges.
      • Women: Fertile attractive young women always unconsciously attract and arouse a Darkness wielder, driving him to copulate and pass his seed - and thus the Darkness - to their child.
        • Conception: The conception of a child results in an almost instantaneous death of the wielder as the Darkness spirit is passed to the child upon conception.
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    • Celestial Light:
    • Sunlight:
    • Fire: