Vital statistics
Status Extinct
Location Earth
First Appearance Witchblade #36

The Necrobi (singular; Necrobus) were an ancient race of sexual predators widely regarded as one of the natural enemies of the Darkness.


The lower or common Necrobi were indistinguishable from humans physically. The males tended to be more muscular and imposing, whereas the females were beautiful and flawless in their appearance with voluptuous assets.

The higher Necrobi had evolved to become luminous and androgynous, trapped in a mass of orgies.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Immortality - The Necrobi do not physically age beyond maturity and have the potential to live eternally.
  • Superhuman Strength - Even the lowest of the Necrobi are stronger than most adult humans. By consuming souls, their strength increases. The more souls a single Necrobi has, the stronger he or she is.
  • Healing Factor - Necrobi are impervious to human diseases and can heal from most bodily wounds, even gunshots. The strength of their regeneration is dependent on how many souls they consume.
  • Soul Extraction - The Necrobi can remove a person's soul from his or her body with only a touch, reducing the hollow vessel to living diamond.
  • Soul Consumption - Necrobi survive by consuming the souls of humans and even other Necrobi. This makes them stronger and boosts their regenerative abilities.