Vital statistics
Occupation Fallen Angel
Race Angel (Fallen)
Gender Male
Status Deceased (Killed by Sara Pezzini)
Relatives God (Creator)
Angels (Siblings)
Location Earth
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Ragniel was a fallen angel who kidnapped Hope with the intent of using her and her hereditary connection with the Darkness and the Witchblade respectively to sire a stronger race of angelic hybrid creatures that would serve him and allow him to take revenge on Heaven. He was slain by Sara Pezzini, who was aided through spiritual guidance by Red Sonja.

Strengths Edit

  • Angelic Physiology: Ragniel was a celestial being fashioned into Creation by God to serve as one of His many choirs of empyrean attendants in Heaven.
    • Immortality:
    • Super Strength: Being an angel of a higher echelon than mere cherubim, Ragniel possessed considerable strength; confident enough to challenge a Witchblade-empowered Sara Pezzini in direct combat without doubt. He was not however a primordial force and could be physically overpowered by stronger supernatural beings such as archangels or even powerful arch-demons.
    • Wings: Although his wings were seared to the bone in his fall, once Ragniel regenerated his wings, he could unfurl and flap them like any other angel.
      • Flight: Like all angels, Ragniel could fly with his wings. While he lost this ability in his fall from Heaven, he was able to regenerate them through unholy means and regained his power to fly.
  • Skilled Swordsman: Like all angels, Ragniel was a bred warrior.

Weaknesses Edit