Vital statistics
Occupation Various
Alias Unknown
Race Human-Demon Hybrids
Gender Female
Status Extant
Relatives Demons
Location Earth
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A Succubus is a half-demon female who feeds off the life energy of men through sex. Not all half-demon women are succubus, however, and the requirements to be or become one are unspecified.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

A succubus inherits much of their demonic parent's abilities. They can be identified by the hellish "burn" of their gaze as well as any number of other subtle physical features which, usually, only demons who are familiar with and can recognize.

  • Soul Consumption: Their signature power and the core of their abilities is their power to absorb and consume the souls of men through sexual intercourse. When the male partner reaches climax, his body ages at an accelerated rate until it turns to dust in mere seconds.
  • Telekinesis: Succubus can move objects with their minds.
  • Superhuman Strength: Succubus inherit some of their demon parent's strength and grow stronger with each soul they consume.
  • Pseudo Vampirism: Succubus gains strength through blood drinking as well.