Sun Dagger
Placeholder item
Vital statistics
Type Dagger
Effects Slays Darkness hosts
Kills Darklings
Source The Angelus
Cost to buy N/A
Cost to sell N/A

The Sun Dagger was a powerful blade created by The Angelus from the essence of a dying star for the purpose of slaying the host of The Darkness. The Sun Dagger was a long, golden, dubble-edged dagger. It could easily kill Darklings and was powerful enough to kill a host of The Darkness, at least so long as the blade remained in the host's heart. The host would heal and resurrect as soon as the Dagger was removed.


  • Group of Darklings - A small group of Darklings who were gaurding Jackie while he slept were killed by Tyne with the Dagger.
  • Jackie Estacado - Jackie used the Sun Dagger on himself as a means to reach the dimension of the Darkness, which all Darkness hosts go in death.
  • Heart of Darkness - The Dagger's final victim. Jackie used the Dagger and plunged it into the being known as the Heart of Darkness. The Dagger exploded inside the Heart, destroying both him and itself.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Sun Dagger was infused with the power of a sun as well as the souls of a battalion of Angelus Warriors. This made it a weapon of great power that could slay any being of Darkness. The only thing that it could not trully kill was the host of The Darkness, which it could only neutralize.

  • Holy White Light - The Sun Dagger was radiant with holy light. So much so that Jackie used it to light his way into the pich-black lair of the Heart of Darkness.
  • Darkness Creature Slaying - The Sun Dagger could slay any creature or being born of The Darkness or possessing a supernatural connection to The Darkness. It is unknown if it could have been used against Hope Pezzini or The Witchblade.