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Teo Estacado
Vital statistics
Title Shadow God
Gender Male
Race Primordial Being (Soul)
Human (Body)
Faction Himself
Health Low
High (Darkness)
Level Low
High (Darkness)
Status Deceased
Location New England

Teo Estacado was a wielder of the Darkness in the year of 1897 in New England. He was somewhat of a hermit who would wonder the countryside in solitude.

He was lonely and very depressed after he manifested The Darkness, as it prevented him from having a normal life and a family of his own.


"All I am certain of is the darkness. It dwells inside me, an empty pain were no light will ever shine."


Teo became very depressed after he aquired The Darkness. His forced chastity caused him to sacrifice his hope of a life with the woman he loved. He once described The Darkness within him as being 'an empty pain were no light will ever shine'.

Teo was also very vengeful and bitter, as he psychologically tortured Horrace Grimes with visions of his living family and forced Grimes to experience the truth of his lust and cowardice by making him watch his own past self burn down his family home with his wife and child still inside, shortly before tearing him in two, claiming "This is my forgiveness", as Horrace had begged on his knees for forgiveness.

Despite his down attitude, Teo was very wizened and humbled by his painful experiences and would give wise council to those seeking his help.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit


Teo's creature form.

"I'm not a god. I can't raise the dead. I can only decide who joins them."


  • "Shadow God" Form - Teo's most unique ability with The Darkness was that he could transform into a tall xenomorph-like creature with tenticles extending from a large hump on his back. This creature was known to the early natives of New England as the 'Shadow God'.
  • Superhuman Strength - While in this form, he was strong enough to lift Horrace Grimes, a full grown man, high off the groung with only one hand and rip him in two with the other.
  • Illusion Casting - 'The Shadow God' was believed to have the power to go back in time and resurrect the dead. Teo, however, revealed that time travel cannot be and that he cannot raise the dead. He did, however, possesses an ability in which he used his powers to influence and change the inviorment around him to create the illusion of time travel. He could also create life-like beings based on a person's past to futher this effect. This power is most likelly the basis of those beliefs.
  • Pyrokinesis - Teo also seems to have possessed an aura of green fire, as green fire was often present when he manifested his power.
  • Telepathy - He would also seem to possess some form of empathy that allowed him to feel the guilt and truthfulness of a person that he knew. As such, Teo could not be lied to by a person that he knew from personal experience and was able to see through Horrace's fecade of innocence.

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