The Magdalena
Vital statistics
Occupation Holy Warrior
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Race Human
Gender Female
Status Active
Relatives Jesus Christ (Ancestor)
Mary Magdalene (Ancestor)
Location Various
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The title of The Magdalena is an inherited mantle passed down from generation to generation through the female descendants of Jesus Christ born through his union with Mary Magdalene. Officially, the Magdalena is a holy warrior in service to the Roman Catholic Church entrusted with the Spear of Destiny to fight supernatural evils in the world and endowed by God Himself through their blessed Christ blood with a holy light that forces a soul to face its sins.

In reality, the women who inherit the mantle of the Magdalena are often trained and indoctrinated from a very young age by the Church, even some being taken off the streets, from orphanages, or from their homes against their will by Vatican agents as soon as a genetic link is found between them and the lineage of Mary Magdalene. In most cases, the Church keeps classified records on known descendants of Mary's bloodline and makes sure to maintain a constant surveillance on any potential Magdalena should their current vassal fail, betray them, or fall in battle.

More than just this element, corruption and ignorance within the Roman Catholic Church has often led to the Magdalena being used either as a pawn to further an unscrupulous Cardinal's ambitions, or as an assassin against enemies of the Church as well as against supernaturals who are merely believed to be ungodly.

Because of this, ignorance, naivete and blind obedience insinuated through faith in God are ideal qualities in a Magdalena from the perspective of the Church, and any Magdalena who shows any measure of independence is considered a liability at best, a threat at worst. Many Magdalenas have been assassinated by the Church itself once they realized the truth of how the Church had used them.


Powers & Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

Light of the Magdalena Edit

Chief among a Magdalena's supernatural arsenal, other than the Spear of Destiny itself, is her ability to manifest a vivid holy light which stems from her own holy blood from her hand. This light forces its target to experience the full measure of his or her own moral weaknesses and failures, as well as forces them to witness and experience the pain and suffering they have inflicted and instigated upon others.

Depending on the severity of their sins, the Light either causes them to break down or drives them to suicide. Only a few have been seen to withstand the Light of the Magdalena and retained their sense of worth or at least a will to live; one such example was the Darkness wielder Jackie Estacado, who was a depraved man fully at peace with his evil nature, crooked lifestyle, and selfish choices.

Magdalena can seem to only be able to acquire this ability through a holy baptism involving the ritualistic drinking of her own blood as well as bathing in holy water while attending Church sisters invoke the names of angels around her.

Abilities Edit

Formal Edit

The Magdalena receives several essential forms of formal training and education during their ascension to the title of the Magdalena.

  • Skilled Hand-to-hand Combatant: All Magdalena's are trained from a young age to fight hand-to-hand and defend themselves, often brutally.
  • Skilled Swordsman: All Magdalena's receive professional training in the art of wielding swords in combat.
  • Skilled Acrobat:
  • Athletic Human Physique: Due to their rigorous training, all Magdalena's possess a highly efficient and conditioned physique appropriate to an Olympic athlete. She can lift up to double her own body weight; around 200 lbs or more, as well as run at a peak range of 11 miles per hour for several minutes. Her metabolism is conditioned to allow efficient healing if she is injured, and reflexes and agility are above average.

Informal Edit

Unofficially, the women who become Magdalenas are often skilled, or at least experienced, in other, less-refined skills due to their often-violent and shady pasts. In practice, these skills often prove valuable, even essential, as the Magdalena often must resort to shady means to fulfill her mission.

  • Skilled Lock-picking:
  • Skilled Marksman:
  • Skilled Burglary:

Vulnerabilities Edit

Mortality Edit

  • Intense Physical Trauma: Despite their supernatural lineage and extensive training, the Magdalena are still only human and thus mortal.

Fallibility Edit

  • Ignorance: Perhaps the greatest weakness of the Magdalena, or at least most Magdalenas, is their ignorance, naivete, and sheltered lifestyles which deprives them of direct real world experience with the creatures and beings they are supposed to be hunting. This weakness means that many Magdalenas are under-educated and under-prepared to face against the Church's supernatural enemies. In almost all cases, this ignorance is deliberately indoctrinated or preserved in a prospective Magdalena by the Church to keep her docile and dependent on their presence in her life, thus insuring her continued obedience and loyalty to the Holy See. Many a Magdalena have fallen at the hands of demons, undead, wielders of the Darkness, and even their own Church comrades in times past due to their own weaknesses and inability to truly and objectively comprehend and accept their opponents and the corrupt aspects of the Church.