Ultra-Sapiens are metahumans who have been enhanced via genetic, and sometimes cybernetic, modification to their bodies and oftentimes their minds as well. Whereas humans are homo sapiens, ultra-sapiens are merely homo sapiens with altered and enhanced physiology. Because of their superhuman abilities and thus their subsequent threat to both society and political authority, ultra-sapiens are often either used or hunted by shady corporate entities, the United States government, or higher political and corporate powers for various nefarious purposes.

Description Edit

Powers & Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

The abilities of ultra-sapiens very from individual to individual, and no two powers are exactly alike; although certain generic superpowers such as super strength and super speed are not uncommon, and many ultra-sapiens develop other abilities as an extension of their existing powers, either because of experience and honing, or through further enhancements to their powers and biology.

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