Vampires are, in general terminology, supernatural creatures that only come out at night and feast only of the blood of the living. In the Top Cow Universe, the term vampire refers to two distinct creatures in the world: True supernatural vampires known as vampiri, and humans inflicted with a blood-born disease which results in vampiric tendencies, including a thirst for blood.

Infectious Vampires Edit

Powers & Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

  • Pseudo-Vampirism:
    • Super Strength: The infection increases the host's physical strength several times that of a peak human. They can overpower any human prey with relatively little to any difficulty, they strike with enough force to topple three physically imposing men to the ground or to knock a human unconscious with a single strike.
    • Super Speed:
    • Super Agility:
    • Healing Factor:

Abilities Edit

Vulnerabilities Edit

  • Severe Physical Trauma:

Backstory Edit

Lilith, the First Woman Edit

According to Vatican lore, vampires were created in Biblical times when Lilith, Adam's first wife, rebelled against him and was cast out of Eden. In her travels, she encountered the fallen angel Lucifer, from whom she learned dark powers.

Cain, the First Murderer Edit

The first murderer and firstborn son of Adam and Eve, Cain, was also cast from Eden for murdering Abel and he found succor in Lilith. God sent His archangels to warn Cain, but he spitefully refused their mercies and thus was cursed to become the first vampire. Since then, all vampires share the blood of Cain and Lilith.

Description Edit

Reproduction Edit

Siring Edit

All vampires were once human with lives of their owns. Vampires cannot sexually reproduce due to their reproductive organs ceasing upon being sired. Instead, vampires turn or sire an existing human into a vampire via blood-exchange. To become a vampire, a victim must be fed upon by a vampire to the point of exsanguination. At the precipice of death, the vampire offers its own blood for the victim to drink. Typically, a vampire will force its blood into a victim's mouth, but there are exceptions.

Transition Edit

The victim's body then painfully dies with the vampire's blood in their stomach. The blood of the sire keeps the victim's soul from departing the body. The victim then rises as a newborn vampire within minutes with the blood of their sire - the blood of Cain and Lilith that all vampires share - now in their veins from that night onward.

Vampires undergo a spiritual as well as metaphysical and psychological change upon being sired. They develop a bloodlust that incorporates all other bodily urges and emotional needs. Love, hate, peace, anger, contentment, neediness; it all blurs into one urge: Hunger for living human blood. They develop a predator's instinct for hunting, killing, feeding, and sleeping.

Feeding for the first time stabilizes their mood, clears their mind and helps them return somewhat to their original personality, albeit with the same predator's instinct and aggression just beneath the surface and easily provoked. Many young vampires fly into a psychotic, homicidal rage upon being sired; this is especially true for those suffering from mental and emotional instability in life as their emotions and homicidal tendencies are heightened several-fold upon their transition.

Sire Bond Edit

All vampires trace their blood lineage back to Cain and Lilith. A vampire's link to Cain and Lilith is through the blood of their sire that flows through their veins from the moment they rise as a fledgling vampire. This same blood they pass on to their progeny in-turn when they sire. The act of siring a vampire is an intimate experience regardless of circumstance; it may be sensual and pleasurable for both parties, or it may be an uncomfortable violation that leaves the vampire vengeful and traumatized.

Sustenance Edit

Blood Edit

Blood, typically living human blood, is the only component of a vampire's diet. It is currently unknown if animal or synthetic blood can act as a substitute, but human blood is the preferred choice of blood as it is more "nutritious" to the vampire, giving it the greatest boost in strength and healing.

Addiction Edit

Feeding on blood offers psychological benefits as much as physical. It acts both as an antidepressant, mood stabilizer, anti-psychotic and intoxicant that induces euphoria. Almost all vampires become addicted to blood upon tasting it for the first time; akin to a substance addiction. If a vampire is deprived of blood, it will become physically weakened as well as mentally unstable and will begin to exhibit symptoms associated with schizophrenia and delusional paranoia.

Pleasure Edit

Vampires do engage in sex and take pleasure from it. However, the act of feeding replaces all bodily urges and needs, including the need and urge for physical intimacy and sex. Feeding is an incredibly sensual experience for the vampire as well as, usually, the victim; akin to fellatio and orgasm.

Appearance Edit

Cold Pallor Edit

Vampires resemble what they looked like in life with a few exceptions. Their appearance is noticeably more pallor than they were in life and their skin is cold to the touch due to their lack of body heat.

Deathless Bodies Edit

They don't have a heartbeat and lack other subtle traits of a living body. They also lose all excess skin and fat over time as they do not eat. They do not, however, lose muscle mass; which may increase slightly and naturally with the development of super-strength and super-agility despite no longer being alive in the technical sense.

Claws/Fangs Edit

Vampires pierce their victim's flesh using sharpened and elongated canines which they can retract at will and that show when they are hungry or aroused sexually or angrily; as well as claw-like fingernails sufficient to severe an artery.

Society Edit

Covens Edit

Vampires are solitary and territorial predators by nature and will often attack any vampire who trespasses on their claimed territory or domain. However there are many occasions where an ambitious, desperate or cunning vampire, typically an elder, chooses to organize a group of like-minded vampires to its shared agenda known as a coven. These vampires are often ones the elder or leader has sired and thus able to exert metaphysical control over them to an extent due to their sire bond to keep them in line. The elder rules over the younger, weaker and less experienced vampires using a combination of its superior physical strength and mental acumen as well as the dependence many sires instill into their progeny.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

The blood of Cain and Lilith flowing in their veins endows vampires with several preternatural powers. Vampires are engineered specifically by Satanic forces to be predators of men, and thus they possess attributes and advantages necessary to achieve this instinct and to set them above human on the food chain. Vampires are both more and less than humans in that they possess superhuman physical and regenerative abilities that make them exempt from the common frailties of mortals, but also less in that they are empowered by Satanic forces beneath the power of God and thus seen as below mankind and abominations in the eyes of God and the angels, unworthy of regard or love and thus ultimately damned.

  • Immortality: Vampires are said to be "marked so that Death cannot touch them." This supernatural exemption from the passing of time does not make them invincible, but affords them potentially limitless time as they do not age nor decay despite being undead. They only become physically more powerful and more mentally sharp as the centuries pass.
    • Healing Factor: Vampires possess exceptional regenerative capabilities as they can recover from gunshots in seconds without any seeming discomfort and are capable of regrowing a severed limb.
      • Immunity: Their healing also renders them except from the burdens of diseases or infections. Vampire are cured of any existing diseases and ailments in their bodies upon being sired; a human suffering from cancer or who had suffered a physically crippling injury would be made whole again once they rose as a vampire.
      • Super Durability: Vampires have an extremely high pain threshold and are able to withstand the physical trauma of being stabbed, bones broken, limbs severed, or shot in sensitive areas of their bodies without any noticeable or lasting discomfort.
  • Super Strength: Vampires are significantly stronger than humans and grow slowly more so with age; able to easily lift weights typically impossible for a human strongman to lift. A vampire's super-strength is often a symbol or a sign of status in vampiric culture as it symbolizes a vampire's age and experience. Fledgling or newly created possess the same level of super-strength as would an pseudo-vampire and are highly lethal to humans as they can dismember or break their bones easily. Mature vampires who have existed for a century or more are roughly ten times stronger than they were in life and can press several tons; able to lift cars with ease, punch through walls, and bend steel in their bare hands. Elder vampires who have existed for several centuries or even a millennium possess such seasoned and advanced super-strength that they may send grown men flying with the slightest touch, hold their victims in an unbreakable steel grip, overpower even mature members of their own kin with relative ease, and can possibly stand up to a standard powerhouse, albeit with significant effort. Even elders are, however, no physical match for the likes of an empowered Darkness wielder or Witchblade bearer.
    • Super Leaping: Their supernaturally empowered leg muscles allow vampires to jump higher and farther than any human athlete or acrobat; roughly several feet in a single bound. Older vampires may jump from rooftop to rooftop in-between skyscrapers.
  • Super Speed: While they are not speedsters and cannot break the sound barrier, vampires move faster than the human eye can follow and cover short distances almost instantaneously. Their speed allows them to easily catch fleeing prey as well as outrun human pursuers. At its apex, their super-speed allows them to appear and disappear from a scene in an almost ghost-like fashion akin to teleportation. It is unknown if their super-speed increases with age as their super-strength does, and if so to what extent.
    • Super Reflexes: Their reflexes are similarly enhanced; allowing them to side-step bullets with lighting-fast precision.
  • Super Agility: Their agility allows them to perform intense and fast parkour feats with perfect ease and balance.
    • Wall-Crawling: Vampires can adhere to sheer surfaces such as walls as well as ceilings and crawl or scale along these surfaces with ease.
  • Heightened Senses: Several of their senses are preternaturally acute.
    • Night Vision: They can see in complete darkness.
    • Super Hearing: Their sense of hearing is akin to that of a bat or a canine.
    • Super Olfaction: Their sense of smell is akin to that of a bloodhound.
  • Hypnosis: Vampires possess preternatural powers to dominate and reshape the minds of those who look into their eyes. This power makes them as much personally and mentally dominant as they are physically. With eye contact, a vampire can compel and command a single human to do or think anything it wants them to. It can erase memories or implant new ones. They can make a human into their personal slave or even give complex instructions to perform certain duties, including killing themselves.

Abilities Edit

  • Superior Hand-to-hand Combatants: Their super-strength combined with their super-speed allows vampires to be far lethal physical brawlers than most human fighters. Their raw super-strength can be a substitute for training and natural skill in a fight, but formally trained vampires and particularly vampire elders with centuries of experience in the art of fighting can be truly unstoppable opponents.
  • Preternatural Stealth: In addition to their super-speed and preternatural agility, vampires are supernaturally quiet in their movements and can move both soundlessly and without notice so long as they stay out of their victim's line of sight.
  • Superior Acrobatics: Their super-agility and super-strength affords them superior acrobatic prowess.

Vulnerabilities Edit

  • Divinity: As they are cursed by God's power and that of His angels, vampires possess a supernatural vulnerability and aversion to all things holy and infused with either godly or angelic essence or energies.
    • Holy Ground: Fledgling and mature or "adult" vampires are physically incapable of setting foot on holy ground. Elder vampires are exempt form this limitation.
    • Holy Water: Holy water will not physically harm them or cause permanent hindrance, but will cause significant pain.
    • Religious Iconography: Holy symbols such as the crucifix will cause vampires psychological trauma on sight and will cause physical pain if touched.
  • Severe Physical Trauma: Their regenerative abilities do have limits on the amount and type of damage a vampire may recover from.
    • Decapitation: Decapitation will likely result in a vampire's death.
    • Heart Destruction: A vampire's heart is a particularly vulnerable point in its body.
      • Heart Piercing: If a vampire's heart is pierced, its body will be reduced to dust. Many vampire hunters traditionally carry a wooden stake to pierce a vampire's heart.
      • Heart Extraction: Extracting a vampire's heart from its body has a similar effect as piercing, reducing him to dust. Many elder vampires exploit this weakness to control and intimidate their underlings by threatening to tear out their hearts, something they can do with ease thanks to their superior super-strength.
  • Sunlight: According to the Vatican's lore books, vampires are cursed by the archangels Michael and Gabriel to fear Gabriel's flame and the coming of Michael's dawn. The touch of sunlight burns a vampire's skin.
    • Fire: Due to their aversion to sunlight, vampires are particularly vulnerable to fire as their unliving bodies are highly flammable and can be reduced to ash in minutes if exposed.

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