Laura Moonsong Werewolf Form
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Alias Lycans
Loup Garou
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Location Earth
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Werewolves are predatory creatures who shift between human and a supernaturally strong wolf form in relation to the full moon. Werewolves are created from the bite of another werewolf. New werewolves are often called "new blood."

The Witchblade Edit

The Darkness Edit

The Darkness vs. Eva: Daughter of Dracula Edit

Werewolves are shown to be involved in organized crime as well as being associated with vampires.

One newly turned werewolf attacks a girl on a subway, but is quickly defeated by Eva. She questions him regarding the affairs of his vampire cohorts. She lets him live, but plans to kill him at a later date.

After Jackie regains control of the Darkness, he massacres a whole pack of rogue mob werewolves to set an example to the other supernatural dissenters in New York City and to solidify his status as kingpin over all organized crime in the city, human and supernatural.

Pack Hierarchy Edit

Similar to their natural cousins, werewolves are instinctual inclined to form Packs. Packs afford werewolves both structure as well as a strict hierarchy by which to obey and keep each other in line. A significant portion of werewolf life is centered around the Pack; obedience unto the Alpha and loyalty unto the Betas. Pack life may be similarly present within their relatively "human" lives as well; an Alpha may work in the same place as a Beta, or a Beta may be the boss of an Alpha at the workplace. Pack obligations also tend to occasionally influence their daily lives.

Pack Ranks Edit

  • Alpha: Alphas are the Packmasters; the leaders of their Packs. Alpha werewolves are defined by one of three factors; respect or fear, physical prowess, or experience and competence - if a single werewolf has accumulated one of these qualities and has a number of at least five werewolves under his command and loyal unto him, he is an Alpha. Similar to natural Alpha wolves, Alpha werewolves kill and eat first and get the largest share; they are also entitled to the finest mates. A Beta only becomes Alpha if he challenges and slays the current Alpha or the Alpha names a successor.
  • Pureblood: Purebloods are natural-born werewolves; those born of two werewolf parents. Purebloods are seen as "true" werewolves due to their strong wolf blood inherited form their parents as well as never being Bitten; possessing superior strength and resilience as well as more potent Bites and sharper senses for tracking. Purebloods of Packs are generally the offspring of the Alpha or one or two Beta couplings and are often groomed by experienced Alphas to be soldiers, guardians and trackers for the Pack. Purebloods who prove their worthiness are usually chosen to succeed the Alpha; generally but not always his own offspring.
  • Beta: Betas are the followers of the Alpha and make up the structure of his Pack. Betas obey and guard both the Alpha as well as his mate and offspring; they are also responsible for tracking prey and accompanying the Alpha during hunts. Most Betas are those that the Alpha has Bitten himself and indoctrinated into his Pack; others are Omegas that have been adopted into a Pack. While Betas are loyal and equally subservient to the Alpha, Betas themselves are not above internal politicking or creating their own hierarchies; resulting in some Betas becoming Dominants while others are called Subordinates.
  • Omega: Omegas are the lone wolves; those who currently belong to no Pack. Most are Bitten by other Omegas, rogue Betas, or an irresponsible Alpha. Many Betas were Omegas before being either found by the Alpha or Beta that Bit them and indoctrinated into their Pack or being adopted into another Pack. Other Omegas were rogue Betas who forsook their Packs, were outcast by their Alpha for a severe misdeed, or were Purebloods abandoned by their parents. Whatever their background, Omegas are often a disadvantaged and vulnerable lot due to lacking the resources as well as protection and discipline of Packs.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

In their "wolf" form, werewolves are large, bipedal and humanoid, retaining their mental faculties, albeit with a much more animalistic mindset which makes them more aggressive, instinctual, and gives them a hunger for fresh meat and blood, preferably that of humans. However, it is worth noting that werewolves are no match for the Darkness, Witchblade, or Angelus.

  • Super Strength: Werewolves are savage brute creatures by nature; combining overwhelming strength with vicious speed. Untransformed werewolves are both athletic and over a dozen times stronger than a human of comparable strength; able to bend steel in their bare hands and lift objects several dozen times their own weight. Their strength peaks when transformed during a full moon and rage increases their strength and aggression to a noticeable degree; able to single-handedly throw pickup trucks effortlessly and overturn tractor-trailers when enraged and with effort. Strength is individual to a werewolf; Alphas and Purebloods are strongest due to their respective statuses.
  • Heightened Senses: Their senses are heightened to canine level in both human and wolf forms, allowing them to smell blood and see in the dark.
  • Super Agility: Werewolves are noticeably much more nimble and flexible than humans.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Silver: Silver burns their skin on contact and, if they are injured with silver while in wolf form, the injured area will revert back to human form.
  • Severe Injury: Severe injuries or significant bodily loss, such as being stabbed through the heart, eviscerated or decapitated, will kill a werewolf as it would a human.