Witches are humans who practice a form of magic called "witchcraft". Many witches gain or increase their powers through Faustian bargains with demons. Witchraft is hereditary and any child of a witch will inherit the same potential for witchcraft, although it is possible for their immortality to be rendered dormant by their parents through a certain spell.  


Many modern witches practice the religion of Wicca. They may also honor higher beings such as a goddess or the earth itself.


  • Wands - Witches may carry wands or staffs to help channel and manifest their powers into physical energy.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Immortality - Witches can be made immortal through certain means, such as a pact with the Devil or demons. A witch's immortality can be transferred to their descendents upon their death. Until then, the descendants remain mortal as their immortality is bound by a spell.
  • Compulsion - Witches can perform a ritual to place humans under their control.
  • Dream Consumption - Witches can steal the dreams and memories of others through physical contact.
  • Elemental Manipulation - Witches can influence the elements (earth, wind, lighting, ect).
  • Exorcism - Witches of significant willpower can expel either foreign spirits or their own spirit from their bodies.
  • Animation - Witches can bring inanimate objects to "life" and bind them to their will.


  • The Darkness - The memories of the Darkness are far too vile for a witch to consume. Any witch who consumes the dreams of a Darkness host will wither away and die as their life force is depleted.
  • Blessed Objects - Any blessed objects, such as a bell, that was related to the witch can be used to kill a witch.