Witchblade 0.5

Witchblade 0.5a

Witchblade 0.5b

Vital statistics
Cover Artists Cover A:
Keu Cha
Cover B:
Brian Ching
Victor Llamas
Dan Kemp
Writers David Wohl
Pencilers Brian Ching
Inkers Victor Llamas
Matt Banning
Jonathan Sibal
Danny Mikki
Colorists Avalan Studio
Dan Kemp
Letterers Dreamer Design
Robin Spehar
Dennis Heisler
Editors Renae Geerlings
Matt Hawkins
Release Date January 2001
Previous Issue Witchblade #32
Next Issue Witchblade #33

Special issue done in collaboration with Wizard. The story of this issue takes place between Witchblade issues #32, and #33



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