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Zeus is among the chief deities of the Greco-Roman pantheon and is the god of the sky. He is the king of the Greek and Roman gods, the Olympians. He is the son of the Titans Kronos and Rhea, the brother of Poseidon, Hades, Demeter, and Hestia, husband and brother of Hera, and the father of Hermes, Apollo, Ares, Hebe, and Hephaestus. Hercules, Perseus, King Minos, and Helen of Troy are among his mortal children. 

Role in the Top Cow universeEdit

Greek mythologyEdit

It was Zeus who created Pandora, the first Greek woman, and entrusted her with the Pandora's Box.

The MagdalenaEdit

Zeus and other pagan deities were seen during Patient's spiritual journey to retrieve the Spear of Destiny.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Zeus is the King of Olympus. As such, he holds both familiar and political authority over the supreme Greco-Roman gods, the Twelve Olympians.

  • Omnipotence - Zeus is the supreme ruler of the Greek and Roman worlds. He wields the power of lightning and thunder to strike down his enemies, evildoers, and those who displease him. He created the various generations of mortals out of metals, one of which he completely wiped out in a short period of time. He can transform humans into animals and back again. He can take away a mortal's natural abilities such as moving and speaking, and give them back at will. Whatever he does or causes or gives, he can also stop, reverse, or take back just as easily. He can take a mortal's soul and transform it into a constellation.
  • Creation - Zeus has the power of creation.
  • All-Seeing Eye - Zeus is all-seeing. This gives him great wisdom and knowledge.
  • Atmokinesis - Zeus can control the weather.
  • Power Bestowal - Zeus can grant humans the gift of immortality and eternal youth.
  • Shape-Shifting - Zeus can transform into a swan, a bull, an eagle, and a shower of gold. He can also disguise himself as other humans and gods or goddesses.
  • Superhuman Strength - Zeus is astronomically physically powerful. The hero Hercules inherited his phenomenal super-strength from Zeus. Because of this, Zeus can perform all of the incredible feats of strength as his son: overpower Cerberus, split mountains with a sword, defeat minor gods, and bear the weight of the Earth on his shoulders. Zeus can lift and support 5.972 sextillion metric tons with minimal effort and with very little strain.
  • Immortality - Zeus is well over 3,000 years old and maintains the appearance and health of a well-built middle-aged man, albeit with white hair, a beard, and an aura of seniority to him.
  • Regeneration
  • Flight